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                                                Warmth - Ambiance - Fragrance
                                                         FIREWOOD SELECTIONS

        ALMOND                    Hard Wood with Long Lasting Heat - Fragrant        
        CEDAR                         Smells Very Nice - Steady Flame
        CITRUS                        Burns Hot & Clean
        EUCALYPTUS            Hard Wood with Very Good Heat
        JUNIPER                     Snap, Crackle & Pop - Distinct Aroma like a Pine Cedar Chest
        MIX (LONG)               Quality Mix of Local Hard & Soft Woods
        MIX (STOVE CUT)    Smaller Pieces of Local Hard & Soft Woods, Cut for Wood Burning Stoves
        OAK                               Hard, Slow Burning - Lots of Heat & Low Flame
        PINE                              Soft Wood, Easy to Start & Keep Burning

        PINION                         Hardest of the Soft Woods - Wonderful, Distinct Fragrance
                                                *great for chimineas &  outdoor fires -  natural mosquito deterent

                                                        & Many More... Call for our Daily Availability